Why Application Matters!

Why Application Matters!

Press-on nails offer a convenient and affordable way to enjoy a beautiful manicure. However, to ensure that the nails adhere properly and last for an extended period, it is essential to apply them correctly. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Proper application ensures that the nails adhere securely to the natural nails, minimizing the risk of premature lifting or popping off. Press-on nails can last for several days to a week when applied correctly, providing users with extended wear time and enjoyment of their manicure. Properly applied press-on nails should feel comfortable and secure throughout wear, blending seamlessly with the natural nails to create a polished and natural-looking manicure.

Step 1: Push your cuticles back using the cuticle stick

  • Attention to detail during application, such as aligning the nails with the cuticle line and ensuring proper shaping, helps achieve a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing result.

Step 2: Gently buff your nails using the nail buffer

  • You want to gently remove any dead skin left on the nail and also make sure your nails aren't too smoove, iving the glue a sort of grip and smothing to stick too.

Step 3: Wipe your nails with an alcohol wipe

  • This ensures your nails are clean and oil free!

Step 4: Apply nail glue to your natural nail then apply false nail and hold for 15 seconds

  • Incorrect application techniques, such as not applying enough pressure or using excessive adhesive, can potentially damage the natural nails. Proper application minimizes the risk of damage, preserving the health and integrity of the nails underneath the press-on nails.

Step 5: Apply a drop of cuticle oil and massage in

The overall appearance of press-on nails largely depends on how they are applied. Ideally, the nails should be applied professionally with smooth edges, evenly distributed adhesive, and secure attachment to the natural nails. Proper application can enhance one's confidence and self-esteem and make them feel well-groomed. With proper application, press-on nails can look their best, allowing users to flaunt their manicures with pride and poise.


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